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The navigation device NU-20

Purpose and construction

NU_20 - Control Panel
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The navigation device NU-20 has the function of keeping the navigation, the measurement of static diving depth, measure the distance from the sea bottom, detection of underwater obstructions in the horizontal and vertical direction, involvement, control and protection circuits power and signalization of water penetration into the magnetic sensor housing (cylinder) of NU-20.

NU-20 circuits:

Control and Management

Elements of control and management of device NU-20 are located on the front panel and consist of several switches, optical encoders and LED indicators.

Functions of the switches are as follows:

LED indicators show the battery input voltage health, dc/dc converters output voltages, and a water leak in the NU-20 cylinder and in the IGC device. The leak in the cylinder is controlled by water penetration sensor, that is located at the lowest point of the cylinder.

PKB drive-control device

Purpose and construction

PKB - Control Panel
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PKB is an underwater vehicle power monitoring & propulsion control device. The device allows continuous battery monitoring, monitoring of individual branches, and even individual battery cells (Ag - Zn). It is designed to control Ag - Zn (Silver - Zinc) and Pb (Lead) batteries. The device is housed in a waterproof aluminum cylinder. Control device circuits (control & signalization) are located inside the cylinder with front mounted management handles, measurement instruments and control lamps (LED). Some of the PKB device elements are located in the area of the battery pack (voltage control connectors, temperature probes, hydrogen probe), and some of them in the switching board area (ampere-hour measurement unit, contactors auxiliary contacts). Two underwater reflectors are supplied from the PKB cylinder.

PKB device circuits :