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DEIMOS - Fire Control System

General Information :

DEIMOS is a radar observation and tracking system for gun armed vessels. On board it is used as a standalone system with target tracking system or connected to ship's information and missile control system.

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Functional block diagram.

Main functional capabilities are:

For complete functionality, DEIMOS communicate with other systems on board:

Standard user interface for DEIMOS system are air and surface Multi Function Console–MFC and Tactical & Missile Console–TMC.


DEIMOS control computer system

DEIMOS control system is a server-client computer architecture which performs all calculations, user control functions, director servo control and target tracker control functions. For its calculations DEIMOS computer receive data from ship sensors - course, speed, bearing, range, roll, pitch and wind data. System communication with user interface equipment is performed by means of Ethernet LAN.

Operator console

Standard user interface for shipborne applications are air and surface Multi-Function Console-MFC with Tactical & Missile Console-TMC. All control functions and presentation on the DEIMOS system are performed by these consoles.


Stabilized platform with two hydraulic motors and radar in Ku band. Surveillance and tracking are performed with radar and TV camera. The director forms the main part of the tracking system and can work in a variety of modes.

Search radar

The main part of the search system comprises an X-band frequency agility radar consisting of an antenna and a transceiver. The antenna turntable is fully stabilized. Besides the search and detection tasks, the radar also shall give data accurate enough for designation to the tracker system and information that will enable TWS-tracking of surface targets.

Note: Director and search radar are not PCE delivery.


Own ship:

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Gun-Control Console combat situation

Roll/Pitch angle ±25° / ±10° max
R/P angle velocity 25 / 10 °/s max
Speed 25 m/s max

Air targets:
Director Range 25 km
Bearing 0 - 360°
Bearing velocity 10 °/s max
Altitude for full accuracy 0 - 3000 m
Elevation 0 - 70°, relative horizon

Surface targets:
TWS own Search radar 1.3 - 55 km
Speed 45 m/s
Plot evaluation Centeroid
Plot filter Modified Kalman
Number of targets 16