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RADAR Systems - Tracking

Target plotting and tracking for specific user needs:

Target plotting and tracking is developed for user-specific case, e. g., older radar systems without appropriate target tracker, or to expand functionality of the existing radar system. Basically, it consists of CFAR (Constant False Alarm Ratio) processing followed by the target plotting and tracking.

Raw video undergoes CFAR processing, after which binary (digitized) and CFAR video is available. Depending on user needs, filters for tracking surface and high-speed air targets are developed.

CFAR processing
Placement inside an existing system.

CFAR processor
CFAR processing.

RawVideo CFARVideo BinaryVideo
CFAR processor in action (from left to right): raw video, CFAR video, binary video.

AngularError RangeError
Example of tracked target accuracy.


Ordinary 2nd order filter.


Interactive multiple-model filter for tracking maneuvering targets.

PositionError VelocityError
Example of tracking maneuvering targets.