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LINKEJ - Shipborne C4I system node

Linkej system is a Shipborne Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Information system node. It enables data gathering, continuously updated presentation, tactical planning, distribution of tactical information onboard own ships and to other cooperating units. It`s functionality require cooperation with ships Combat Management System.


Information collecting

Target information received from ship`s Combat Management System, own ship sensors (surveillance radar, navigation radar, optronic site, sonar, ESM equipment) and from cooperating ships are processed and concentrated on terminal equipment of C4I system . The external information exchange with C4I system is carried out with data communication radio link.

Situation picture compilation

Linkej equipment serves as a filter center for picture compilation within its responsibility area. Targets reports are sent to other ships or to superior centre for compilation of the total situation picture.

The situation picture compilation is performed by next system functions:

Situation assessment

Tracked target data are presented with symbol, speed vector and supplementary alphanumeric data which can present identity of target (own, hostile, neutral), category (surface, air) etc.

Supplementary background information can be presented:

Tactical evaluation and planning

With this function, the present and future situation can be analyzed. Planning can be made and decisions can be taken upon extrapolated target movements and assumed behavior.

Tactical prediction function, based on own speed and course and target speed and course, is included in the system. Alternative speeds and courses can be entered to simulate expected tactical alternatives. Change-over from predicted to normal mode can be done instantaneously.

Calculation of own ship's time, course and speed to a intercept point with target can be done.

Command and communication

For supporting of this functionality, system use the functions for target tables reporting, target designation and handling of standard orders. This function actually represent a message handling subsystem within C4I system
Designation of targets to cooperating units and to the own ship weapons may be performed.
Tactical orders may be defined in textual format, received and transmitted using the external data links.


Ship`s C4I system Linkej consists of:

System diagram :



System LINKEJ can be used as a stand-alone shipborne system or as a part of C4I system.
In this case project activities usually include next activities: